"Don't worry about being popular, just be Biblical"


"Don't worry about being popular, just be Biblical" 

Beauty for Ashes


Beauty for Ashes:

Written by Shakina Small

Daily Devotion

How can something beautiful come out of the ashes?

Some people are mourning after the ashes that is left of their lives? They believe that all has been lost and nothing can be repaired out of the ruins of what caused the ashes is the first place. The ashes could be the cause of losing a job, losing a love one, battling sickness, losing precious items, loss of relationships and list goes on. Thoughts of suicide swiftly raced through their head like an Olympic runner. The spirit of heaviness has clothed them and suppressed them like a winter coat. And it seems like that their winner will never end. They long to see the sunshine again to feel the warmth of the sun glistening on their face. They cried out Lord; where is my joy, where is my gladness is this it for me. They feel like they are drowning in their sorrows with no life boat to carry them to safety. Life as they knew is gone and all is left is the ashes of painful memories of what was before.

Here is some good news. According to the Prophetic word in Isaiah 61:1-4 (read for yourself) Elohim (God) said He will give you beauty for ashes, oil of joy for your mourning and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. “Elohim wants to exchange your pain for His gain.”  I encourage you to come out of the ashes of despair, doubt, fear, loneliness, sin, rejection, worrying, unforgiveness, hatred, depression, sickness, confusion and the list goes on.

Here are some definitions of the word ashes:  powdery residue left after the burning of a substance, the remains of something destroyed; ruins and the remains of the human body after cremation or burning. In most cases ashes occur after something or someone has been burned. But how can something beautiful come out of the ashes? Look at this way can things get any worse? You now have a chance to start over. When nothing is left but the ashes this is an opportunity to rebuild. Isaiah 61: 4 “And they shall build the old wastes, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations.

In the day of Isaiah, he prophesied about the birth of our Lord Personal Savior YESHUA. This was the people’s hope that a savior was coming to rescue them. A savior was coming to give them beauty for their ashes. The good news for us that our savior has come. We are not alone. We are living in evil days, but, John 14:1-3 (KJV) 14 Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

As you begin to rebuild from the ashes of your life. Remember the words our ADONAI (Lord) Isaiah 61: 7 For your shame ye shall have double; and for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore in their land they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto them.

I know that it seems like all have been lost but, this day I come as a prophetess of Elohim to speak life. But the Ruach Hacodesh (Holy Spirt) wants you to rebuild. Elohim said your season of mourning is over. As you go to rebuild declare and decree Isaiah 61: 10 over your life. “I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decketh himself with ornaments, and as a bride adorneth herself with her jewels.”

So stay awesome in YESHUA’s Name. If you like to feedback and comments are welcome. I pray that I will continue to do the work of the Elohim, so I can share more words of encouragement to the Body of Christ. For further reading Psalm 30: 11 “Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing: thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness;”

Sincerely Shakina (the poet) Small


“Pray more stress less caused God knows best”

Spoken Word Competition 2nd one this year


Congratulations Vernick Smith  winner of 2015 “DARE2BME” Gospel Spoken Word Competition the 2nd one this year on October 24, 2015

Gospel Spoken Word Competition July 25, 2015


Congratulations to Jason Glasgow (Trini the Professor) winner of  2015 “DARE2BME” Gospel Spoken Word Competition




It was an honor and privileged to award Jason Glasgow(Trini the Professor) the prize money for winning this year's Gospel Spoken Word Competition and I thank every poet/spoken word artist for participating. I will be in touch soon. I thank every supporter, helper and the judges for coming out. I give all honor and praising to God for allowing me to create a major platform for Christians poets and spoken word artists. This is just the beginning and your support and prayers makes a difference. Also I’m currently connecting with some people who will help me in getting the competition televise.


Upcoming events: “Tuesday’snight Psalms” Open Mic and networking event every third Tuesday of the month Calling all Spoken Word Artists/Poets, Singers, Rappers, Comedians and talent scouts from 7-9pmonly 5.00 dollars a great place to relax, share your talent and network with other artists. We keep it clean, positive and godly. Located at the Great Awakenings Cafe 1466 E Cheltenham Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19124 see you there. To be feature please call or text me at 267-225-POET Open mic sign up 6:30-7:30pm

In addition: Online Spoken Word competition and open mic competition coming soon


This event is made possible by our sponsors:  


 Chick-fil-A Whitman Square, Sassy’s Beauty Bar, It’s OK 2 Laugh Comedy and Philly Pretzel Factory

Spoken Word Competition June 2013


*Thanks to everyone who supported this year's spoken word competition *

Congratulation to LOreal Chrisp-Seels the winner of this year’s spoken word competition and shout out to all those who participated.  Shout out to the judges who took the time out to share their expertise at this event. Faith without works is dead and each time I step out on faith to pioneer a major platform for Christian poets. God always meets me there and does beyond what I could image. He gets all the glory. Update K-modulation LLC is pleased to announce that we are promoting an online poetry slam $500 dollars in cash prize more details will be listed soon, also a youth and spoken word competition. Please go to www.k-modulation.com and sign my mailing list if you are interested in more information.

Thank you Kina

Spoken Word Competition 2013


Hello All, I hope that everyone has had a great weekend. I have been busy preparing for this year's spoken word competition. I am so excited to hear those who are participating. I know that they will give 100 percent to put on a great show. So far we have ten poets that will compete to win 1,000 cash prize, free studio time also collaboration with Grammy award winner producer Kevin Mackie, a spot on Urban Expression Cable TV Show, a spot on Karen K-RO Rogers Night Vision Cable TV Show on WMCN, THE BLEND SHOW internet talk show and personal appearance for upcoming events. 

I’m happy to announce this year's judges include Mr. Kevin Mackie who is a Grammy Award Winner & Twice Nominated as a Producer, Ms. Whitney Peyton Grammy award winning contributing artist & spoken word artist in Philly’s “Unlitter Us” Campaign, Sharna “DA Fire Starter” Patterson, Crucial the Poet host of the Panoramic Poetry and Krista Wallhagen. 

Slots are still available and vendors are welcome so if interested please call or text me at 267-225-poet. Tickets are now available online for Spoken Word Competition https://urbantix.com/Event/“Dare-To-Be-Me”-Inspirational-.aspx same price at the door.

Also if you are looking for something to do this Wednesday @ 7pm I’m ministering at Kingdom Praise Summer Jam: Wednesday, June 26th, 2013, Time: (7p doors open promptly) 7:30p-10:30p 
Location: Tierra Columbiana 4535 N. 5th street Phila Pa. Cost: $15 in advance more at the door
for more info call 707-276-6107 or email: LegacyManagement07@gmail.com

There will be more updated events so stay tune. Also I was in the studio this week recording for a worldwide CD collaboration with Grammy award winner producer and artist. God is good

Updated news my son has graduated from eighth grade on the 18th, so proud of him.

Well that’s it for now. But remember this “Pressure relieves pain” 2013 Kina da poet


Scribes in Stilettos is now released http://www.johnsonpublications



Hello All, Kina the Prophetic Poet is officially on tour for Scribes and Stilettos poetry book. 

When helping others hurt.


When Helping Others Hurts

In life we have to learn when to say no. People preach all the time about giving, being a blessing and letting God use you to help others. This is all true; however, there is also a flip side to this preaching. As we study the life of Jesus Christ, there were situations where He did not run to everyone’s need. In His human state, he had limitations that prevented him from being able to get to everyone that cried out.


Show Me I'm Appreciated


Should teenagers be responsible for all the chores in the home? I ask this because I saw myself getting really irritated with my daughter last night. I explained to my kids we are in the process of buying a new home and we need to practice keeping things clean. My daughter had the nerve to ask me if her and her brother were responsible for cleaning everything and then told me it seems like they do everything. We went back and forth on this matter and I reminded them of how I do much more for them. My daughter then went on to ask me if she has to clean up after me and my fiancé. As their mother, I always clean up after myself because I like to set an example. As I walked to my kitchen, something dawned on me. I said,  “Hey, if I work and pay all the bills and make sure you have all you need, it’s your duty to do all of the chores. My son thought I was getting way to worked up about this conversation and asked me why I was  getting so mad. It seems as if today’s generation is all about itself. Why should I have to pay my children to do their part?  There used to be a time when doing chores was just done and their wasn’t any back talk about it. Children understood, it was their way of helping out around the house. I'm not obligating to do anything but feed, clothe and shelter you. I do more because I want to. I guess they won’t see the light until they have children of their own.

After dismissing the children to their rooms, I wondered if God feels this way about us. He feeds, clothes and gives us shelter. We are blessed we have all we need, but when God tells us to do something, we complain about what we don’t have. Or we might ask the same question my daughter posed, “Why do I have to clean up after somebody else?” God might want us to bless someone who seems to have it all while we struggle or help someone clean up their issues. What is God trying to teach us after all He has done for us? It’s so easy to see what our needs are and not see how other people need things too.

As a parent I want my kids to appreciate me more and see all I do for them. But that may be asking for too much. Well let’s just think about how God feels about all He does for us and all He wants us to do is give Him the praise, be obedient and dedicated to our relationship with him. I Love Yall and thank you for taking a moment to read this post. Please feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear from you. Kina da Prophetic Poet.

Running to a Child's Needs


On Thursday morning while driving to work, my fiancé and I saw a young girl getting beat, while other kids stood around and watched. I hurried to put the car in park, so we could break it up. We probably weren’t thinking clearly, but the first thing that came to mind was what if that was my child. One of the hardest things in life is being a teenager. Some kids have to fight before school, in school and after school. It seems as if none of the schools are safe anymore. If it’s not the kids, it’s the adults who have anger issues from their childhood and take it out on the kids. My fiancé walked the young lady to the crossing guard to tell what happened. The poor girl’s pants were ripped and her nose was swollen and bloody. Before I went to my car, I asked the girl why she was fighting, and she said,  “They wanted to fight me, so I fought and I got my butt kicked!” Anyhow, while going back to my car, two ladies  thanked me for stopping the fight. This experience made me think about my own children.  I moved to a better neighborhood when my children were younger, so they could have a better chance than I did. It helped a lot, but now I’m starting to see that crime  travels. Yes, some schools are better than others, but no matter what, we have to pray. When I see kids act up or fight it’s grieves me like they’re my own kids. If more adults were to stand up and stop fights, maybe things may change. However, I do understand why some don’t; it’s so scary today to try to help. However, if you feel led by Gods, spirit, please listen and stop it. It can save a life. I thank God for prayers of protection. Every morning I’m able to pray over my children and thank God for his covering and their angels to watch and protect them. I know as parents some wish we could protect them and watch them 24 hours a day. Trust God with your children and pray he will have others in your place to do what I did. Kina Da Prophetic Poet

Thank You Fans!


Shout out to my fans this morning.

I want to take the time out to tell you how blessed I am to have people like you in my corner; you are there to support me no matter what. When I posted some photos of me on my Facebook page this past weekend, I was surprised by the number of responses I received. We live in a society where people have very busy schedules, and for you to take the time to press like or drop a comment about me on my page, it is truly a blessing!


I was at the gym on Monday night and someone recognized me. He said “you looked so familiar”. He went on talking while trying to figure out who I was, then I asked him, “do you like spoken word?  You might have seen me perform; then he named some places until he remembered. To be honest, it was motivation for me to keep doing what I’m doing. A few moments later he returned to hand me his business card. As an Artist we can get so caught up in growing our brand to get to a national level. However, God is allowing me to see my need to remain faithful at THIS level. I have fans and supporters who are praying for me and look forward to hearing or seeing me perform, so I want to do something special for my fans. AND I need your suggestions, so please comment back and leave posts on my website about what you would like to see from me; i.e. more videos, personal poems, more motivational messages; let me know because it’s all about the fans.  Love ya! Kina the Prophetic Poet. “Dare To Be Me.” Oh… P.S. it’s been almost two consistent two at the gym. Holla!

Be Grateful


Hello All! I’m looking forward to a long weekend since this week has been so emotional. Well, I’m in the process of buying a home this year and got some news I was not happy with. Yes, it put a damper on my spirit, and I walked around feeling sad. What’s humorous about God is how He will have you minister to someone who is in a similar situation. Let me explain. At my place of employment, there’s a young lady who has a lot going on for herself, but she constantly sees what she doesn’t have. On Wednesday, when she came in my office, I told her things may not always work out as planned, but you have to be patient. Look at how far you've come instead of how far you have to go. I began to share my situation with her and told her I would love to be able to come off my job and do spoken word full-time and that I would love to buy a house today, but I have to be patient and know I will get there. She said, "But Ms. Shakina, I’m not satisfied-I want more. I have not accomplished anything I really wanted to.” Then the Lord spoke right through me and said you have to be content. You should not be SATISFIED, but you can be CONTENT and grateful for what you already have. Afterwards of course, I said OUCH because it was more for me than her. Later that night at Bible study, my Apostle quoted the scripture “let patience have a perfect work in you.” When my time comes it will come. So that same night I prayed and released it to God and said whatever your will is God. The following day I made some calls and got some hopeful news. So this weekend everyone, Be Grateful! Be content and give it over to God. Your Shakina (Kina Da Prophetic Poet) Lewis  

With Whitney's Passing I Wonder...What Will Be My Legacy?


Hello All ! This week has been dedicated to the life of Whitney Houston, A great artist, actress and much more. She was a person that gave more than 100 percent to her fans and her music. Her her songs touch many people and her life will continue to live on through her music and the memories she left behind.

I thought to myself what will people say about me when I leave this earth? Will my legacy live on through my kids, ministry and career? I don’t know how much time I have left, but when I hear stories like Whitney's it makes me get a grip and began to appreciate the time I have on earth. I want my life to live on once I pass and I want to leave something behind for my children to give to the next generation.

My heart goes out to Ms. Whitney's family. Thank God for the good memories they have. Let’s not waste anymore time with disagreement/gossip about who we don’t like. Let get to business with what God has for us while we still have the chance. Let’s stay focused on our purpose.

At work we sometimes get in a heated discussions about religion. I find myself getting caught up in debating my point. Yesterday, I was so irritated I had to leave. At the end of the day it’s about God not me. I am working on holding my peace and letting God fight my battles. I'm seeking God now and asking him why it bothers me so much. (I’ll share this in another post.) The point is the time I invested in trying to convince someone to see my point, I could be doing my job and trust God to give me the opportunity to share at the right time.

So life is short, but at the same time it’s long too. Ask yourself what’s important right now at this moment. Stays blessed live life and love someone who doesn’t deserve it.  Kina the prophetic poet.”Dare To Be Me” wants me to do my job not.

Doing What's Right


Hey! Happy Monday to all. I'm in the process of preparing my to be a wife again. Lol. This time around I feel confident in my self to have a healthy long lasting relationship. Well today's topic is doing what's right when no one is looking. I was talking to one of my co-worker's and they stated they did not get credit for some work they produced at the job. However, they mentioned they will not allow it to keep them from doing what they loved doing, which is helping the people we serve. I thought about my Christian walk and how sometimes we may not get the credit we think we deserve. But our reward is seeing others blessed through our prayers or servant-hood towards them. We have to remember why we are saved. It's more than fire insurance or just staying in our clique. People will not always give us credit or acknowledge our efforts, but God will in due season. Our time will come so stay focused , stay positive and live for Him. Your girl Kina the Prophetic Poet.

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled


Let not your heart be troubled with all the evil we see in the world today. Let's remember God is still sitting on the Throne. He hears our prayers and is still working behind the scenes. I don't have much to say today, just wanted to encourage you to keep pressing toward God and what He has for you. Cast your cares to him. He sees and knows all. God Bless you. Kina Da Prophetic Poet - "Dare To Be Me" 

The Balancing Act


Yesterday I was thinking about all that is happening this year; kids growing up, getting married, ministry, my career as an artist and author. I thought to myself how other women balance it all with managing their home and a career. One thing I’m realizing is I will not be able to do everything. You may remember last year I talked about being a people pleaser. I just can’t say yes to everyone. For my upcoming book "Scribes in Stilettos" being released in May, I wrote a piece called the “job of people of pleaser”. It is definitely a job with no benefits. So for me, learning to be balanced is about learning how to say NO and understand I have to stay focused on what's important. You will not be able to please everyone when everyone is pulling at you for different reasons. If you like this, please comment about how to balance life and career.  God Bless you. Kina the prophetic poet ‘Dare To Be Me” 

Pressing On When You Can't See the Reward


Happy Monday. It's the beginning of another week. I’ll be honest, last week was not my best week. Have your ever felt what’s the point of pressing on when you can’t see the reward right away? How long do you have to wait until things begin to move on your behalf? I had to remind myself  of what God has blessed me with. Right now, I have no magic pill about how to wait on God, or how to fight when depression tries to take over your mind. When people say everything, but what you need to hear. When you are tired of working for someone else, when you are dreaming to do more. In my book that’s coming out in May, I wrote a piece called “Prison Bars, I've felt sometimes that life was like the prison system that held me in contempt of court, of bad situations and a rap sheet of negative reports “Sometimes we feel as if life is dealing with us instead of us dealing with it. Depression is so easy to fall into. We live in a society that claims to have the all the answers to happiness. I saw myself being moved by my emotions this week or let’s say "she-motions". Your feelings will tell you how to react, but God’s word is our guide. Do not allow life to hold you in a prison of depression and keep you locked away from God's promises for your life. So be blessed this week and I'll see you again real soon. Love ya! Kina the Prophetic Poet. "Dare to Be Me". 

Giving Birth - Natural or Assisted?


I became impregnated with the idea of having my own T-shirt line about four years ago. About a week ago, I was praying about it, when the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Kina get ready to push this baby out,” however, I was stuck. I could see the head and felt the urge to push, but the baby was not in the right position. It’s times such as these where we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit the most in terms of preparing us to accept the help we need to give birth since we are not able to do it on our own. When the baby is not in the right position, “someone” may help the mother by turning the baby around or a “team” of people may be required to take the child from the mother in an effort to save the unborn child’s life. Don’t let that baby that has been growing inside of you die because you got tired of pushing. Also, don’t allow that baby to die because you are too stubborn, or too proud to allow anyone to assist with birthing that child. I held on to my T-shirt line idea for so long, alone, but now I can hear the Holy Spirit saying, “Surround yourself with people who will encourage you to push, even when you are tired and are willing to step up to the plate when necessary.”

Pay your bill on time


Good Morning all, so yesterday I had the chance to pray for some of your out there and it was a blessing to take the energy off of me and focus on whats important. Today's topic is God will wipe your debt clean. Yesterday I was working on my budget for the month. I own a balance on my electric bill my pay check and what I owned was not adding up. Anyhow I made sure my tithes and offering came out ...



Foreplay is "Sexual activity that precedes intercourse" I was in Church yesterday and the Lord spoke to me foreplay. Two things came to mind one is for some the hardest thing is to wait for sex until marriage.

Dealing with life


Today's is don't allow life to deal with you learn to deal with life.

A personal interview



A personal interview

We will all one day meet God personally. We will look him in the eye and have that personal interview with Him.

Prayer Works


" When everything in our life is going wrong; prayer works." So with that being said today I pray for you

You can have what your mind say


Then the Lord spoke this scripture to my spirit psalm 138:8 " The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands. Everything I have in my life I thought about it first.

Social Network


Just keep dreaming. Everyone may not have a billion-dollar idea, but we all have something to give to this world. Its money to be made just find your place; work your craft and dream big. God said, “He will do exceedingly all that we ask or think.”

Take Better Care of You


Good Morning all, so I have to be honest last night I could not sleep. One reason is my cat likes to play a night. Alternatively, it could be that I had too much sugar and caffeine. Yea, my son made ice tea, and I forgot that it has caffeine in it; for me this is not a good mix. My body does not adjust well to caffeine. I just put a spoon in the freezer to reduce these bags up under my eyes from not getting the proper rest. Well, so what is the lesson for the day? Start to take better care of your body, God only gave us one. What we eat, drink, say, wear, see and hear does affect us, one way or another. In this new season began to learn more about you. We take so much time in studying what others do. However, we don't know what we are scriptural allergic too. We may have to change the way we eat. We may need more sleep. We may need to dress up and for some dress down, we may need to stay away from negative people or refuse to hear them, and we may need to be careful what we listen to because that will affect our thinking. "God wants us to prosper as our soul prospers" We only have control over us. Take care of your soul, body and mind, and be careful how you spend your time. We only get one body so treat it well because this is the place where our Jesus Christ Dwells" Kina da poet "Dare To Me Be"

“When in life so much to do and see, seek God to where you should be." Get your priorities in orde


“When in life so much to do and see, seek God to where you should be." Get your priorities in order

My life as a witness


During my trip to Heresy Park this past weekend. It started off as an enjoyable time with my family. After we check in the hotel I noticed sometime later I lost my car key. I went to lost and found and no one had seen it. The lady at the front desk gave me three numbers to a locksmith. I called one and he stated its 139 dollars to come and make me a key. So I called my spiritual mother from my church and she gave me her information so I can pay the locksmith. The locksmith called and he was having a hard time finding Hersey Park. He was about to leave it, took almost an half an hour for him to find us. Finally he goes to make us a key and the key he made did not start my car. A guard from the park gave us a jump and my car still did not start. The locksmith said my device is saying its program to take the new key. At the last hour I asked the guard to check lost and found to see if someone found my key. He said yea, someone just turn it in. Wow I said. The locksmith said your key may not work because I clear it so the new key could work. My daughter said are we going to be stuck here? What are we going to do? I said pray. So I prayed. Lord whatever the outcome is, just get us home you know I have ministry, my church home and so on. The guard bought back my key and the car still did not work. We tried about 3-5 times. Then I got another jump and my car still did not work. At the last hour before the park close. The locksmith made a call and got an idea to try. I don't know what he did on the technical side but my key work and my car started. He looked at me and said you’re some lucky folks I said no that was God and his favor. He got in his truck and said I can’t even charge your just go ahead.

For what ever reason my life was a witness to the locksmith; at the last hour God showed up on my behalf. You may be at the last hour, but God will show up on your behalf someone need to know God is real. Amen Kina the Poet

Your Turn is Coming


Tonight I had minister spoken word. I sat there waiting for my turn to perform. I saw everyone go up as I patiently waiting to hear my name call. I start to get weary and I almost said. I don't have to go up. When I first arrived, the place was filled with people but towards the end people started fading out. The Lord showed me this is what happens in our Christian walk. We will sit around watching others be bless. Hoping our turn will come, some of us been waiting so long we are very close in saying never mind God. I don't need this blessing. Tonight the Lord use my situation to encourage His people don't say never mind your turn is coming. You may be the last artist, the last to finish school,the last to get married, the last to get the promotion and the last to preach. However, your turn is coming the host is about to call your name and the blessing is at the very end of the show.


God Bless

Kina the prophetic poet

relationships quotes


"Relationships reminds me of peanubutter its smoother without the nuts"


"Relationships are like cell phones, if you keep getting drop calls. You need to get a new service." LOL joke for the day


"Relationships are like parking meters make sure the time don't run out"

Junk Mail


Hello Face book, I woke up this morning and I checked my email. I begin to delete all the junk mail that takes up unnecessary space. When doing that I thought of how negative people can be junk mail. When we allow negative people (junk Mail folks) take up space in our lives we have no room for the positive people (mail that matters) So go on and clean out your mail box and make sure you get rid of all junk mail. Some people may wonder why nothing good comes my way. You may not have room your mail box is full of junk.

This year motto


Hello All, My motto for last year was “allow your experiences to be your teacher and teach others through your experiences” Took me some time but this year motto is. “Rejection means you are moments away of being approved” This year may come with a lot of rejections, but you need to understand it’s a part of the growth process. Many great and influential people dealt with rejection first. Not everyone will approve of you. However, don’t let that stop you from everything God has for you. Don’t worry about who rejection you when God approves you.

Just Keep Riding

Last night my son fell off his bike. He couldn’t move because the pain was unbearable. He had a nasty cut on his chest from his bike’s handlebars. When we went to the ER, they gave him an X-Ray to make sure there was no major damage. The X-Ray came back okay. The Doctor said, “He would heal, he is just in pain from the blow he took in his chest”. They gave me a prescription for some pain medications. They said, “He would be a little sore but he is okay”. When people hurt us, we may have a nasty cut from the pain. But if we take the prescription God has given us in due time we will heal. Looking at my children, I learned a lot from them. My son broke his wrist, banged his head and scraped his knee. But what’s funny with my son, he doesn’t stop being a kid. I know in a couple of days, he will be back on the bike. With that being said, we get knocked and sometimes pushed down and we may fall because of our own mistakes. But that shouldn’t stop us from getting back on the bike. Keep getting on the bike until you make it to your destination. Life is too short not to keep riding. God Bless, Kina

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